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Spirit Review – Lassiter’s N. Carolina Rum

In January I got to be a distiller for a day at Lassiter Distilling Company, so it’s only fitting I review their first product which is white rum. For a first product it’s quite remarkable and you can also check out my visit to their distillery. And, if you are interested in the man behind the…

Spirit Review – Treaty Oak Distilling Company’s Barrel Reserve Rum

It’s Wednesday and hump day! Do you need a recommendation for a spirit that will whisk you away to the islands? How about a spirit that will make whiskey drinkers take a second look at a bottle of rum? Look no further than our Treaty Oak Distilling Company’s Barrel Reserve Rum Review. We’ll actually be reviewing three…

Video Review of Queen Charlotte’s Rum by Muddy River posted

Looking for a rum for Memorial Day and you want to make a unique cocktail with it? Look no further than our video review of Muddy River Distillery’s Queen Charlotte’s barrel rested rum! 

Spirit Review – Queen Charlotte’s Rum

For Cinco de Mayo I went a different route and reviewed some excellent barrel rested rum from Muddy River Distillery – Queen Charlotte’s Reserve. It’s an excellent sipping rum, so please check out the review and leave a comment!