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Dripping Springs Artisan and Traditional Gin Review

Dog days of summer are here, so it’s an ideal time for a couple Dripping Springs Vodka and Gin reviews! Gin is the ideal drink for summer! and

Dripping Springs Vodkas Reviews

Back at it after the holidays – time for three reviews of vodkas from San Luis Spirits in Dripping Springs, Texas. Check out reviews of their 1876 vodka, craft vodka and orange vodka. A video review of all three vodkas is also available for viewing. Have a great week!

Book Review – Bourbon: The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of an American Whiskey

It’s another Monday closer to Christmas and if you have a bourbon lover on your gift list – Fred Minnick’s book Bourbon: The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of an American Whiskey is something you may want to put under the tree. I really enjoyed this book and I wrote a small review on it –…

St. George Spirits Botanivore and Dry Rye Gin Reviews

As luck would have it – today is my little sister’s birthday and I’ll be toasting her with two new gins that I reviewed by St. George Spirits. Today I have a reviews of their delicious Botanivore and Dry Rye gins posted, so take a look and leave a comment!

Book Review – Dead Distillers: A History of the Upstarts and Outlaws Who Made American Spirits

Over Memorial Day I had the opportunity to finish Dead Distillers: A History of the Upstarts and Outlaws Who Made American Spirits is a book written by Colin Spoelman and David Haskell. I found it a fascinating read and wrote a review on it you can check out at the link provided. Their book is available…

Video killed the radio star!

We’re experimenting with some product reviews – as a test run we had some whiskey that needed to removed out of the cask, so TOPO Distillery’s “Age Your Own Whiskey Kit” was an ideal candidate. Check out: Part One and Part Two of our final review. And check out the rest of the article (13 weeks…

TOPO Spirits – Age Your Own Whiskey Kit Update

Check out where the progress is in week number 10 with TOPOs Age Your Own Whiskey Kit this post. It’s coming along!

Aging my own Topo wheat whiskey – Update #2

You can check out the results for the four week mark. This is the second update for the Topo wheat whiskey I am aging in the cask from their “Age Your Own Whiskey” kit.

Almond Delight and eggnog – match made in heaven

So the missus and I picked up some Paw Paw Murphy’s Almond Delight at Muddy River Distillery on Friday and added some egg nog since it’s on the shelf – and it’s one of the simplest and best concoctions we have made in a while! Highly recommended! For people not familiar with Paw Paw Murphy’s…

Aging my own Topo wheat whiskey

We bought an “Age Your Own Whiskey” kit after visiting the Topo Distillery in Chapel Hill, NC (story to come) over the summer and I finally got all the parts I needed to try it out. You can find more details about Topo Distillery here: I actually tried working with the kit earlier, but…