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Interview – Zeb Williams, Vice President of Sales/Marketing at Old Nick Williams Company

Some distillers have their recipes passed down through the generations, but few can trace their distilling roots as far back in American history as the Williams family in Lewisville, North Carolina – check out our interview with Zeb Williams of Old Nick Whiskey!

Celebrate the new year of 2018 with a Rollins Distillery interview!

Hello all – welcome to a new year with an interview from Rollins Distillery in Gulf Breeze Florida. Paul and Patrick are the father and son team who run the distillery and were gracious enough to take time to be interviewed. Enjoy the day (or nurse the hangover) and learn about a promising small distiller!

Interview – Gabe Guillois, Jonathan Keener, and Grady Knight – Partners at Pinetop Distillery

It’s a Tuesday, but I have an interview with the partners at Pinetop Distillery – Gabe Guillois, Jonathan Keener and Grady Knight. They have a distillery in Raleigh and were determined to make some moonshine – and in 2016 they opened their doors and put their first product on the shelf. Gin and bourbon are next…

Interview – Chris Parise, Head Distiller at the Charleston Distilling Company

This week we follow up on my tour of the Charleston Distilling Company with an interview with Chris Parise – their head distiller. It’s a very informative interview that touches many different facets of the Charleston Distilling Company and gives a hint of some new spirits that may be finding their way to their shelves soon.

Interview – Colin Spoelman, Co-Founder and Master Distiller at Kings County Distillery

When “Dead Distillers – A History of the Upstarts and Outlaws Who Made American Spirits” was released by Colin Spoelman, co-founder and master distiller of Kings County Distillery I had an opportunity to write a review. After I posted the review I was contacted by Colin and we discussed the book – being from the South I asked…

Interview – Lee Katrincic, Distiller and Co-Founder at the Durham Distillery

For the gin lovers in the audience we have an interview with Lee Katrincic from The Durham Distillery. This distillery burst onto the gin scene in 2013 and never looked back. Luckily this award winning distillery is in the great state of North Carolina and is open for tours like the one I took when they…

Interview – Scott Blackwell, Owner and Distiller at High Wire Distilling Company

As a part of my trip to Charleston, South Carolina I stopped in at High Wire Distilling Company. They definitely have done wonders with their space and it was a real treat to sample some of their unique spirits. Luckily I was able to ask some questions of one of the founders – Scott Backwell….

Interview – Todd Weiss, Head Distiller and Partner at Striped Pig Distillery

I made a trip to South Carolina before the end of 2016 and I got to stop into Striped Pig Distillery and speak with Todd Weiss who is the partner and the head distiller. Although I didn’t get to see Jackson – the famous pot bellied pig mascot – I had a fun time and…

Interview – Arthur H. “Trey” Boggs III, President at Palmetto Distillery

For our thirtieth distiller interview I have something very special – an interview with Trey Boggs who started the first legal moonshine distillery in South Carolina. I always love these interviews since they give a great insight into the distilling industry as a whole and also could possibly help other distillers with important questions. Have a…

Interview – Neil “Tiny” Roberson, co-owner and master distiller at East Tennessee Distillery

Happy Monday! This week we have an interview with Neil “Tiny” Roberson, co-owner and master distiller at East Tennessee Distillery. Tiny is one of the giants in the distilling industry since he towers above me and I’m a respectable 6’5″! This is the first interview from my Eastern Tennessee distillery tour in September, so check out what…