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Distillery Tour – Old Forge Distillery

Digging myself out of work and I managed to write a tour article on Old Forge Distillery in Pigeon Forge, TN! So if you are looking for something to read this Labor Day weekend – give it a look!

Post Modern Distilling opening in Knoxville, TN

Last week I got a note from Eric McNew formerly of Knox Whiskey Works and it turns out Stanton Webster (an early partner of Knox Whiskey Works), Eric and another partner are opening up Post Modern Distilling. The full press release is below: Post Modern Distilling locating in Downtown Knoxville An innovative, locally owned new distillery…

Distillery Tour – Popcorn Sutton Distilling

Going into Thanksgiving week and to make it through this short week is a write up on a distillery tour to Popcorn Sutton Distilling. If you are looking to see what scale of success this one man’s recipe has become you may want to stop by and check it out when you are in Tennessee. Have…

Interview – Neil “Tiny” Roberson, co-owner and master distiller at East Tennessee Distillery

Happy Monday! This week we have an interview with Neil “Tiny” Roberson, co-owner and master distiller at East Tennessee Distillery. Tiny is one of the giants in the distilling industry since he towers above me and I’m a respectable 6’5″! This is the first interview from my Eastern Tennessee distillery tour in September, so check out what…

Distillery Tour – East Tennessee Distillery

Happy Halloween – today I have two treats and no tricks! In September I took a trip to Tennessee to tour distilleries there and I visited the East Tennessee Distillery (the home of Roberson’s Tennessee MelloMoon moonshine).  This was the first distillery I had an opportunity to visit and I had a great visit with…

Happy Labor Day – more to come later!

Loyal readers – just wanted you to know I will be collecting material for future blogs by travelling to a few distilleries in Tennessee. More stories coming next week – stay tuned!

Interview – Heath Clark, Owner and Head Distiller at H Clark Distillery

I’m doing some business travel this week and you always think you are busy until you find out the lengths that some distillers take to start and maintain their business. Heath Clark from H Clark Distillery is an owner, distiller and a lawyer – and doing those jobs full time! Luckily I was able to…

SPEAKeasy Spirits interviewed by The Tennessean for the holidays

SPEAKeasy Spirits got a write up in The Tennessean for some gift ideas this holiday. Stop by and pick up some of their fine products for holiday parties!

Knox Whiskey Works Grand Opening – Friday, December 4

Knox Whiskey Works will have their grand opening on Friday, December 4. The tasting room will open at noon on Friday for tastings and retail sales. Guided tours will begin at 5PM, with additional tours on the hour. They are located at: 516 W. Jackson Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37902. Inside of Knoxville had a good write-up with…

17 Craft Distillers You Need to Know

A good article from Food Republic on 17 Craft Distillers You Need to Know includes Corsair Artisan Distilling and Atelier Vie.