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Palmetto Distillery Tour

Happy Memorial Day and thanks to all who gave their lives so we could have the freedom we enjoy today. A lot of moonshine was possibly consumed this weekend and we are featuring a tour of Palmetto Distillery on this holiday. Sit back and enjoy the day off with a smooth article…

Distillery Tour – Sugar Tit Moonshine Distillery

Back in the swing of things after a short break studying how to make moonshine! For the distillery tour this week I wanted to feature my tour of the Sugar Tit Moonshine Distillery in the tiny town of Reidville, South Carolina. Bob and Kat (the owners) make some pretty tasty original and fruit flavored moonshines out…

Interview – Chris Parise, Head Distiller at the Charleston Distilling Company

This week we follow up on my tour of the Charleston Distilling Company with an interview with Chris Parise – their head distiller. It’s a very informative interview that touches many different facets of the Charleston Distilling Company and gives a hint of some new spirits that may be finding their way to their shelves soon.

Distillery Tour – Charleston Distilling Company

King Street in Charleston is home to two great distillers and I’m featuring the second one I’ve taken a tour of today – the Charleston Distilling Company. Many award winning spirits are being made here and the location is full of reclaimed wood and copper. It’s an excellent destination for anyone who is touring Charleston, so…

Distillery Tour – High Wire Distilling Company

On my trip to Charleston, South Carolina I had a chance to stop into High Wire Distilling Company. I love how old spaces are being renovated by distilleries and the space that High Wire Distilling is one of those spaces. The new energy brought by High Wire permeates the revitalization going on in downtown Charleston….

Interview – Scott Blackwell, Owner and Distiller at High Wire Distilling Company

As a part of my trip to Charleston, South Carolina I stopped in at High Wire Distilling Company. They definitely have done wonders with their space and it was a real treat to sample some of their unique spirits. Luckily I was able to ask some questions of one of the founders – Scott Backwell….

Distillery Tour – Striped Pig Distillery

I went on a trip to South Carolina at the end of 2016 and visited one of the most well known distilleries there – Striped Pig Distillery and did a writeup on my experience. I had a great time talking with Todd Weiss and sampling some spirits – and my interview with him is published here. 

Interview – Todd Weiss, Head Distiller and Partner at Striped Pig Distillery

I made a trip to South Carolina before the end of 2016 and I got to stop into Striped Pig Distillery and speak with Todd Weiss who is the partner and the head distiller. Although I didn’t get to see Jackson – the famous pot bellied pig mascot – I had a fun time and…

Interview – Arthur H. “Trey” Boggs III, President at Palmetto Distillery

For our thirtieth distiller interview I have something very special – an interview with Trey Boggs who started the first legal moonshine distillery in South Carolina. I always love these interviews since they give a great insight into the distilling industry as a whole and also could possibly help other distillers with important questions. Have a…

Dark Corner Spirits Review – Lewis Redmond Bourbon and Stumphouse Whiskey

Hope everyone had a great weekend and watched a lot of college and pro football – this week I have a couple of reviews of spirits from Dark Corner Distillery Greenville, South Carolina. I posted a reviews of their Lewis Redmond Bourbon and Stumphouse Whiskey for your back to work enjoyment. Pick some up for that…