Month: July 2016

Interview – John Fragakis, co-owner of Broad Branch Distillery

North Carolina is famous for moonshine and one comes out with the name NIGHTLAB it makes you take notice. Broad Branch distillery uses a very old recipe that actually may date back to when distilling started in the United States. We have an interview with John Fragakis – the co-owner of Broach Branch was kind…

Troy & Sons Cinnamon Honey Whiskey Review

Another Wednesday is upon us – are you parched? I know I am! Sit right down for a spell and taste some whiskey from the Western mountains of North Carolina. Featured today is a review of Troy & Sons Cinnamon Honey Whiskey. Check it out and leave a comment!

Distillery Tour – Asheville Distilling Company

Well, the weekend is over, but you can always dream you are at a distillery. How about dreaming about taking a tour of Asheville Distilling Company? Luckily, I took the tour and posed my findings, so you can enjoy a siesta at your desk while you file those TPS reports.

Interview with Troy Ball, the founder of Asheville Distilling Company

For our 25th interview it had to be special! Troy Ball from @TroyandSons and @MoonshinersTV stops by for a chat. Check out the interview and leave a comment!

Spirit Review – Palm Ridge Whiskey and Palm Ridge Rye Whiskey

Happy hump day after a long holiday weekend – and as your reward of getting through this shortened week we are featuring not one, but two spirit reviews. Both spirits are whiskeys made by Dick and Marti Waters in Umatilla, Florida under the Palm Ridge Reserve label. You can check out the review of the…

Distillery Tour – Sutler’s Spirit Company

Happy 4th of July! In-between the explosions you may be sampling a drink or two. Your local small batch distillery may be open today – so you may be in luck if you run out of spirits. If you are looking for a particularly sumptuous gin and you are in North Carolina – you may…