Month: May 2016

Interview with Daniel Barnes, Founder at Treaty Oak Distilling

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone takes some time to remember the heroes that made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. I had the chance to interview Daniel Barnes of Treaty Oak Distilling. Daniel has been doing distilling for ten years – way before “craft” was called “craft”. Check out his story and leave some…

Video Review of Queen Charlotte’s Rum by Muddy River posted

Looking for a rum for Memorial Day and you want to make a unique cocktail with it? Look no further than our video review of Muddy River Distillery’s Queen Charlotte’s barrel rested rum! 

Interview with Leanne Powell, CEO of Southern Grace Distilleries, Inc.

Our twentieth interview is with Leanne Powell, CEO of Southern Grace Distilleries, Inc. They are moving to a new location due to the demand of their signature corn whiskey product – Sun Dog 130. Check it out and leave a comment to let me know what you think!

Interview – Heath Clark, Owner and Head Distiller at H Clark Distillery

I’m doing some business travel this week and you always think you are busy until you find out the lengths that some distillers take to start and maintain their business. Heath Clark from H Clark Distillery is an owner, distiller and a lawyer – and doing those jobs full time! Luckily I was able to…

Event – Grand Opening of Epiphany Craft Malt in Durham, North Carolina on May 15, 2016

I had the opportunity to check out Epiphany Craft Malt in Durham, North Carolina. With the brewing and distillery industry going full bore in NC they have an opportunity to become the largest malter in the state. Congrats to them on their grand opening!

Southeastern Distilling Expo and ELIXIR cocktail competition

Whew – what a busy weekend! On Friday, May 6 I went to Asheville, North Carolina for the Southeastern Distilling Expo and ELIXIR cocktail competition. Some cool spirits are on the way from these craft distillers – so check out my event write up and see if some of your favorite distillers will have something…

Spirit Review – Queen Charlotte’s Rum

For Cinco de Mayo I went a different route and reviewed some excellent barrel rested rum from Muddy River Distillery – Queen Charlotte’s Reserve. It’s an excellent sipping rum, so please check out the review and leave a comment!

Interview with Erik and Karin Vonk, Proprietors of Richland Rum

Got a case of the Mondays? Well, I think I have found the cure and it revolves around rum – Richland Rum specifically since I have just published a great interview with Erik and Karen Vonk who are the owners of this distillery focused on quality. Take a look and leave a comment!