Interview – Zeb Williams, Vice President of Sales/Marketing at Old Nick Williams Company

Some distillers have their recipes passed down through the generations, but few can trace their distilling roots as far back in American history as the Williams family in Lewisville, North Carolina – check out our interview with Zeb Williams of Old Nick Whiskey! FacebooktwitterHatenaPocket

Celebrate the new year of 2018 with a Rollins Distillery interview!

Hello all – welcome to a new year with an interview from Rollins Distillery in Gulf Breeze Florida. Paul and Patrick are the father and son team who run the distillery and were gracious enough to take time to be interviewed. Enjoy the day (or nurse the hangover) and learn about a promising small distiller!…

Blue Ridge Distilling Releases Defiant Rye Whisky

Some news from Blue Ridge Distilling – they are releasing a new rye whisky – Defiant Rye! The full press release is here – look for it in NC ABC stores soon. FacebooktwitterHatenaPocket

Distillery Tour – Old Forge Distillery

Digging myself out of work and I managed to write a tour article on Old Forge Distillery in Pigeon Forge, TN! So if you are looking for something to read this Labor Day weekend – give it a look! FacebooktwitterHatenaPocket

Dripping Springs Artisan and Traditional Gin Review

Dog days of summer are here, so it’s an ideal time for a couple Dripping Springs Vodka and Gin reviews! Gin is the ideal drink for summer! and FacebooktwitterHatenaPocket

Distillery Tour – Mystic Farm and Distillery

This week I wrote up a tour of Mystic Farm and Distillery – a true grain to glass distillery. Jonathan Blitz and Michael Sinclair are planning to grow all of their ingredients on a 22 acre farm in Durham, North Carolina to make their bourbon and whiskey. They even are going to build their own…

Distillery Tour – Elevated Mountain Distilling Company

If you ever feel the need to cool off in the summertime – the mountains of North Carolina is the place to go. And if you are going to the mountains – Maggie Valley is a great place to take a look at the scenery. A new distillery is now located on the main strip…

Lassiter Distilling Bottling Party

I got to go to a bottling party last week for Lassiter Distilling’s Amber Rum – it was a great event and if a craft distiller has a bottling event and you have an opportunity to go – go to it! It’s an opportunity to see “how the sausage is made” and you can see…

Palmetto Distillery Tour

Happy Memorial Day and thanks to all who gave their lives so we could have the freedom we enjoy today. A lot of moonshine was possibly consumed this weekend and we are featuring a tour of Palmetto Distillery on this holiday. Sit back and enjoy the day off with a smooth article… FacebooktwitterHatenaPocket

Distillery Tour – Sugar Tit Moonshine Distillery

Back in the swing of things after a short break studying how to make moonshine! For the distillery tour this week I wanted to feature my tour of the Sugar Tit Moonshine Distillery in the tiny town of Reidville, South Carolina. Bob and Kat (the owners) make some pretty tasty original and fruit flavored moonshines out…