Interview – Lee Katrincic, Distiller and Co-Founder at the Durham Distillery

For the gin lovers in the audience we have an interview with Lee Katrincic from The Durham Distillery. This distillery burst onto the gin scene in 2013 and never looked back. Luckily this award winning distillery is in the great state of North Carolina and is open for tours like the one I took when they…

Distillery Tour – High Wire Distilling Company

On my trip to Charleston, South Carolina I had a chance to stop into High Wire Distilling Company. I love how old spaces are being renovated by distilleries and the space that High Wire Distilling is one of those spaces. The new energy brought by High Wire permeates the revitalization going on in downtown Charleston….

Interview – Scott Blackwell, Owner and Distiller at High Wire Distilling Company

As a part of my trip to Charleston, South Carolina I stopped in at High Wire Distilling Company. They definitely have done wonders with their space and it was a real treat to sample some of their unique spirits. Luckily I was able to ask some questions of one of the founders – Scott Backwell….

Spirit Reviews – Anchor Distilling Old Protero Single Malt Straight Rye Whiskey and Old Tom Gin

Pot distilling is more difficult than your typical hybrid column still. But Anchor Distilling Company in San Francisco has been creating excellent products since 1993. I posted a couple of spirit reviews – one for their Old Protero Single Malt Straight Rye Whiskey and one for their Old Tom Gin. Both spirits are definitely worth looking…

Special Report – Wisconsin Distillery Tours, Part 1

Wisconsin is known for it’s beer (and cheese), but it’s rapidly becoming known for it’s distilleries. I decided to do an article and present the first two distilleries in Southern Distilling News’ first “special report”. Luckily, I was able to visit four distilleries in total – Great Northern Distilling, Driftless Glen, J. Henry and Yahara…

Distillery Tour – Striped Pig Distillery

I went on a trip to South Carolina at the end of 2016 and visited one of the most well known distilleries there – Striped Pig Distillery and did a writeup on my experience. I had a great time talking with Todd Weiss and sampling some spirits – and my interview with him is published here. …

Interview – Todd Weiss, Head Distiller and Partner at Striped Pig Distillery

I made a trip to South Carolina before the end of 2016 and I got to stop into Striped Pig Distillery and speak with Todd Weiss who is the partner and the head distiller. Although I didn’t get to see Jackson – the famous pot bellied pig mascot – I had a fun time and…

Dripping Springs Vodkas Reviews

Back at it after the holidays – time for three reviews of vodkas from San Luis Spirits in Dripping Springs, Texas. Check out reviews of their 1876 vodka, craft vodka and orange vodka. A video review of all three vodkas is also available for viewing. Have a great week! FacebooktwitterHatenaPocket

Happy New Year!

Happy new year to all – please support your local distillery in 2017! Stay tuned for more reviews, distillery tours and interviews with distillers throughout the south! FacebooktwitterHatenaPocket

Post Modern Distilling opening in Knoxville, TN

Last week I got a note from Eric McNew formerly of Knox Whiskey Works and it turns out Stanton Webster (an early partner of Knox Whiskey Works), Eric and another partner are opening up Post Modern Distilling. The full press release is below: Post Modern Distilling locating in Downtown Knoxville An innovative, locally owned new distillery…